Thursday, 18 August 2016

Molly McGrath College Football Live

Molly McGrath College Football Live

Molly McGrath was the lead host on College Football Live. She was chosen for this job because of two reasons. Those, of course, were her two sexy legs. On each episode they were always centre screen. They would draw everyone’s eye to them. It was hard to look anywhere else. Everyone else on the show were always athletic men. She was a very attractive young woman in the world of macho men. Every one of them had impure thoughts about her. It was something that was undeniably always bubbling below the surface, but never spoken about. In her head, Molly would deny that this was the case and rationalize that she was a respected journalist, but that set of sexy legs were still always at the centre of the picture. 

When there came time for everyone to choose who they would like to see covered in gunge the most, Molly did not stand a chance. The only one that did not vote for her was Molly herself. The guys were going to get to cover Molly and those sexy legs in gunge. She knew that she was the one picked. She was very nervous and ashamed, but knew that she could not get out of it. She knew how the men would be getting off on seeing her getting covered in gunge. There would be hundreds viewing at home who would be enjoying seeing it happen to her as well.

Molly wore a blue dress, similar to how she normally dressed on the show. It was meant to look professional and classy, but, in reality, in just showed off her sexy figure, most predominantly, those incredible legs of her. She knew that she was going to end up covered in sloppy gunge before the day was over. Her head was spinning, but there was no way for her to avoid the inevitable messing that she was going to be receiving. 

At the start of the show, it was explained that Molly had been chosen to be gunged. They said that it would be happening sometime on that show, but they were not going to say when. It would be a surprise for Molly. “Oh great,” she joked,” So, it’s going to come out of nowhere then?,” she said. This was followed by the disingenuous laugh that she employed regularly on the show. This would be interesting because it could come at any time in the show. It might come out of nowhere and Molly would not be able to prepare herself.

The show was about three quarters over and Molly was talking with the men on the show about one of the colleges arbitrarily not allowing a graduate student to transfer within the conference, even though they would only end up playing that team once at the most with that player on the team. It was selfish and pitiful. As everyone was discussing this, for what seemed like the millionth time, the footsteps started to come from behind Molly. She was so focused on the conversation and what she was saying that she did not notice it. 

In an instant, one of her colleagues was directly behind her and was already dumping turquoise coloured gunge all over her. The other men roared with laughter as the gunge poured over Molly. It was dumped over her head. It rolled down her shoulders and chest. She laughed in embarrassment as it rolled over her face. He then moved the bucket forward, dumping more gunge straight onto Molly’s crowning glory, that pair of sexy tanned legs. He made a special effort to ensure that these received an extra health helping of sloppy gunge. Gunge poured over her knees and down her calves. She could feel the gunge between her sexy thighs. Molly’s mouth fell open in laughter as she felt the gunge covering her body. She swung her head, flicking some gunge from her hair.

She could see how delighted the men were to see her covered in gunge. It slowly dripped all the way down her sexy body. “Well, that was certainly, something else,” she said,” And I am going to have to do the rest of the show like this.” She did just that. She was only given a small towel to clean some of the gunge off with as did the rest of the show. This afternoon had fulfilled many a male fantasy. Fromm that day forward, no one on the show could ever look at her again without remembering what she looked like dripping in sloppy gunge. They did not mention it often, but it was always just under the surface.

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