Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dido becomes Fido

****WARNING*** The following contains nudity and some sexual situation.****

Dido becomes Fido

Dido had sprung to fame when Eminem used a sample of her song in one of his biggest hits. It was doubtful that she would have become as famous as she did if this had not happened. She did have two really successful albums. After that, she kind of disappeared. All attempts at comebacks went largely unnoticed. She had made a lot of money, but that would not last forever. It had literally been over a decade since she had a hit. It had happened in the blink of an eye. She had done well considering, but she had to start to earn some income. Her royalties would not sustain her forever.

Somehow, some very rich men managed to contact her. They said that they had a fantasy that they wanted to live out.  It would be a one-time only thing, but they would literally pay her a million pounds if she did it. They assured her that it would not involve her having sex with anyone, but would involve nudity and some slightly embarrassing situations. It was strictly for their own enjoyment. There would be no photographs or videos taken. No one else would ever find out about it. They went so far as to produce contracts with confidentiality clauses in them. They were very powerful men. They too did not want their private lives and perversions to become public knowledge. It was also in their best interests to keep this quiet. Dido thought about it for a very long time. She decided that for the amount of money she would make for just a few hours of embarrassment, it would be worth it. She agreed. 

She arrived on the night wearing a smart pair of black trousers and a ruffed black and grey shirt. She was quite nervous. Loads of safety precautions were put into place to ensure everyone’s safety. It was all on the up and up. The place where she met the men was literally like a mansion. The door was not locked so that she could leave at any time. It was very posh. It looked like something out of Eyes Wide Shut or a Bond film. The room was candlelit. There was a fire burning. The two men greeted her. They wore masks to hide their identity. They greeted her politely and shook her hand. She thought that they looked very smart. They wore tuxedos and had dark hair. They told her,” Welcome, Fido. That will be your name for the night.” Dido took a deep breath. She accepted this. “You will do as you are ordered. You are free to leave and say no at any time, but you will lose some of the money.” She fully understood.

She was then brought into the main sitting room. The two men sat back on brown leather couches. She was told to stand before them. “Ok Fido, the first thing that you will do is slowly undress for us.” Dido shuttered, but at the same time, she found this quite exciting. No one would know about this so she was free to let loose and go with the situation. She took a deep breath as she began to unbutton her shirt. She slowly undid each button and then pulled her shirt off. She placed it to the side. She then undid her trousers and slowly lowered them down her legs. She then placed her trousers with her shirt. She then undid her bra and lowered her panties. Dido now stood in front of the two men in the all together. She could feel their eyes all over her naked body. Dido’s body looked great. They asked her to slowly turn around which she did, showing off every curve and nuance of her body. 

They then told her to sit on the opposite couch and spread her legs for them. She obliged. She did not look very comfortable, but there the singer sat fully naked spreading her legs for strangers. They then told her to spread her lips and touch herself. She reluctantly reached down and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. She touched and massaged her vagina while the men watched on eagerly.

They then instructed her to get down on the ground and onto all fours. She did as she was asked. The men then produced a dog collar and leash. They reached down and put it on the singer. They then forced her to crawl around on all fours. They then told her to bark. “Bark Fido. Speak.” She woofed quietly for them, stinging in her humiliation. They then demanded that she bark louder. She began to bark like a dog. “Woof, woof, woof.” She was even made to bark to the tune of her hit songs. They then made her do tricks such as rolling over and shaking. 

“What a good dog you are. I think it is dinner time for you Fido. Think of it as a reward,” one of the men said. They then pulled out a dog bowl filled with dog food with Fido written upon it. They told her to come, it was time for her to have dinner. She crawled over and looked down at the dog food. It certainly looked and smelled like it was authentic. One of the men then put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down into the dog food. Dido had been pretty snooty in the past. She had a really high opinion of herself and her music. She was now face down in dog food. She was then allowed to sit up, but the man took the dog bowl and dumped what was left in it all over Dido’s head. Dog food poured on her head and down her face. She was then made to bark again.  The feeling of humiliation that Dido was feeling was beyond any description. She was covered in dog food.

The men then led Dido over to a dresser on the side of the room. It was covered in a table cloth. They pulled it away and revealed many containers of messy foods. They announced to her that she would be wearing all of the above shortly. She remained on her hands and knees. They started with various condiments on her. One man took ketchup and mustard, the other took burger sauce and barbecue sauce. They leaned over and began to spray her with all four condiments. They wildly aimed all over her body. They covered her back, head and ass in layers of orange, yellow, red and maroon. She moaned as she was coated in layers of the sloppy stuff. They then added more. Ranch dressing, thousand island dressing, salad cream and relish were next for her. She got up onto her knees. They insisted that she bark and beg. She did as she was asked. Condiments rolled down her breasts and off of her forehead. Her body was covered in the slick mess.

The men then produced very posh looking serving bowls with various dishes in them. Macaroni and cheese was the first to come. The men smiled as they watched pasta tubes in cheese sauce roll over the dishevelled singer. They followed it up with a large bowl of tuna fish. Dido could not hide the look of disgust as they dumped it over her head. It rolled down her face. They then added a large bowl of creamed corn to the mix. The poured it over her head and watched as it plopped its way down over her body.

They finished up with massive trifles. They took one in each of their hands each. They decided to use them as if they were throwing pies. The first fellow took the first trifle and smashed it into Dido’s face. He twisted it around in her face, leaving her covered in layers of the sloppy trifle. With his second one, he took her head and pushed her face down into one of the trifles, holding her face down in it for a moment. The other bloke then smashed one of his trifles into her backside. She was sandwiched between two trifles on either side of her body. She stayed in that position for a moment. The final trifle was then pushed down upon her head. It held in place on top of her head where it was to be left.

As a final insult, they led her to the bathroom and ordered her to drink from the toilet. They then removed the leash and allowed her to get cleaned up and dressed. When she emerged they had retired. She was paid without issue, but never saw or heard from the men again. In her life it was like it was a dream and not an entirely unpleasant one.

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