Friday, 5 August 2016

Pretty Little Liars Set up

Pretty Little Liars Set up

Troian Bellsario and Shay Mitchell were two of the gorgeous stars of Pretty Little Liars. On the show, the women could be pretty bitchy and manipulative. They would have lots of drama in their relationships with men and with friends. In the show they are threatened by a mysterious person. It was complicated show involving spoiled attractive young women. 

It was worked into the show that the two young women would receive a mysterious letter telling them to be in the changing rooms near the swimming pool at the same time on s certain day. The two were worried, but were asked to come together. This made them feel slightly less apprehensive, because, at least they would be in it together. The two characters discussed the whole thing beforehand, but came to the conclusion that they had no other choice but to go. They were curious and worried about what as in store for them. It was the night of a very special party, so they wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible. They were also all dolled up for the occasion. 

The two quietly went to where they were asked. They entered the room slowly. When they closed the door, they heard several clicking noises. Their eyes darted around. They discovered that they found themselves in a gunge tank. They both were wearing very expensive looking purple dresses at the time. The two looked up and then looked at each other. They did not fully comprehend what was happening at first. “What is this? What the hell is going on?,” Shay’s character said. “I think that we have been locked into some kind of tank,” Troian’s character said. They looked around. They were very nervous. They tried the door but it was no use. They then tried banging on the plastic walls with their hands, but it was no use. They then tried shouting and screaming for help, but no one could hear their shouts. They were actually a little bit scared at this point. 

They then heard a noise coming from above them.  They looked at one another and then looked up. As they looked up, a wave of green gunge poured down onto them from above. They screamed and waved their hands about as the gunge dumped over them. They shouted that they could not believe this and what was this crap that was now falling all over them. They worried slightly that it was something worse than just gunge. They closed their eyes as gunge splashed everywhere in the booth, all over both beautiful women. They stomped their feet and moaned.

Gunge covered their heads and beautiful hair. It coated their shoulders and flowed down their expensive gowns. It rolled down their legs. They were covered in sloppy, slimy green gunge from head to toe. When the gunge finally ceased, the two looked at each other. They both were very angry. They let out a shriek of annoyance. They stomped their feet. They shook their heads. They were livid. There was no real way to shake the gunge off either. They were covered from head to toe.

At this point, they tried the door to the tank. They breathed a sigh of relief when they discovered that it had now been unlocked. Unfortunately, when they opened the door, they found that all of the party guests were stood there. The girls looked shocked. “What the hell is everyone doing here?” One of the guys replied that they all had received invitations with the girls’ names on them asking for everyone to show up here. They clearly had been set up. All of the other guests were laughing and whispering about them. “It’s not funny,” they shouted,” We didn’t invite you. It is a set up. Someone is trying to humiliate us.” 

All they could do was stomp away in anger leaving a trail of gunge behind as they went.

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