Monday, 1 August 2016

Laura Aikman Celeb Juiced

Laura Aikman Celeb Juiced

Laura Aikman was someone who was quite high and mighty. The idea of being gunge was something that absolutely revolted her. She felt that she was way too good for anything like that to ever happen to her. She felt that she was above it all. She felt that it was quite disgusting as well. She would rather do anything than get messy. At the same time, she delighted in seeing it happen at the expense of others. She found it hilarious. She liked it because she felt it was slightly degrading. She liked seeing other people humiliated. That was the reason that she agreed to be on Celebrity Juice. When in discussions to appear on the show, it was part of her conditions that she was going to get to deliver embarrassing gungings to the regular members of the cast. Keith Lemon told her that this would be fine. They were all used to it. Holly and Fearne in particular had been messy hundreds of times in the past. He also made out that he really liked her and would ensure that she got her own way. She did a little bit of flirting to ensure that this would happen. Little did she know that the reality was that Keith and everyone on the show did not like the type of attitude that she had and that they were reeling her in as a set up. Ultimately, they would end up getting the last laugh upon her. 

On the show it was set up that after the end of each round, Laura would get the choice to either gunge or save a regular on the show. Of course, she was going to choose the gunge each time. All the while, Keith was telling her how wonderful she was, how nice she looked etc.. She, in return, flirted back in an effort to make sure to keep him sweet. After each of the first three rounds, Laura was able to dispense gunge over Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Kelly Brook respectively. They all looked slightly annoyed but took it with good humour. It finally came to the last round. Laura thought that the show would either be over or she might get to gunge Keith or all the women again. She was very wrong.

“That is the end of the final round. Laura, you seemed to have a wonderful time dumping all that gunge over the other ladies, didn’t you?,” Keith said. “You can say that again,” she replied,” It was very amusing indeed.” “Well Laura, on this show, we have a certain sense of fair play. You got the chance to spare the other ladies and you did not. You enjoyed gunging them tremendously. I think that we would all agree that it is time to put the shoe on the other foot. It is time, I think that you get to experience the gunge yourself. I mean we couldn’t very well let you escape now could me.” Laura’s mouth fell open. She was in complete and utter shock. “But, no. You can’t. This can’t happen to me. I’m not.. You can’t,” she protested. She wore a blue dress with a white collar. 

Laura shook her head and protested as the three other women grabbed her by her arms and dragged her to throne like chair that was set up centre stage. They handcuffed each of her wrists to the arms of the chair so she could not escape. She screamed. She kicked her legs and feverishly tried to pull her arms from the handcuffs to no avail. “Don’t do this. You would not dare,” she shouted. She shook her head wildly and shouted,” Nooooo!” She looked very annoyed. “People will be watching this. What will people say? You don’t understand, I mean I am.” Fearne interrupted, “You are just like everyone else. Everyone is equal. You are no better than anyone else, no matter what you think. Maybe this will teach you that.” Laura tried to struggle more to no avail. 

Keith then laughed and smiled,” Oh yes, here it comes, all for you Laura. Look how lovely,” he joked. The three women laughed evilly. “Here we go. For everyone watching at home, make sure you set your Tivo boxes to record, because this one is going to be a keeper. Everyone will want to replay this over and over again.” “Ugh, you bastards,” Laura uttered. 

Laura continued to shake her head in protest as Holly and Kelly took a massive bucket of like purple gunge and lifted it in the air. They laughed as they tipped it over the repulsed Laura. She closed her eyes and contorted her neck and chin as the gunge poured down over her head. Her head shook and wiggled as she pouted and squealed. She felt the gunge flowing over her face. “Oh my God…Noooooo!,” she shout. “It is so slimy. This is horrendous. It is minging.” The women delighted in pouring the gunge over her head. It poured onto her platinum blonde hair and over her face. It began to pour over her body, down her shoulders and over her front. She could feel it all over her face and dress. When the first bucket was emptied, she stuck her tongue out, making a disgusted looking face. She almost gagged, she looked so disgusted.

“Oh we need more than that,” Keith teased. He and Fearne took a bucket of brown gunge while Holly and Kelly took a bucket of green gunge. Fearne and Keith began to dump theirs over her head while the other dumped theirs onto her legs and upwards, up her body. Her body shivered and recoiled at the touch of the gunge. She could feel it all over her legs. She tried to move around as her body shuddered from the touch of the gunge. The result for the viewer was the most overdramatic reaction to a gunging that anyone had seen in a long time. It was the most over the top reaction to a gunging that anyone could have quite imagined. She looked as though she was being tortured. Her body wiggling about. Her face displaying the most visible expressions of disgust imaginable. Her face and hair were soaked in gunge. 

“Ewww, yuck, get it off. It is so gross,” she protested. “Oh come on,” Keith encouraged,” Is it really as bad as all that? I tell you what, you are so overdramatic, I think we will have to give you something special to finish you off. How about some slop?” Everyone cheered. All of the celebrities and audience began to chant the words,” Slop her,” over and over again. She shouted. “No, don’t. Please. No slop. No, no, don’t.” 

Her protests fell on deaf ears, however, because all four of them proceeded to dump a real bucket of genuine pig slop from a genuine farm all over her. They held it above her and then moved it back and forth over her body, allowing disgusting slop to pour over her. “Ugh, slop, this is revolting. This is horrendous,” she shouted. It was thick yet runny. It was pale yellow with lumps of green and orange. It smelled hideous for sure. It poured onto her blonde hair and down her face and body. She was soon dripping in it. 

The three women and Keith looked at her and laughed heartily. They pointed. “You really deserved that,” Fearne told her,” Maybe that will bring you back to reality. Reality check,” she said, pointing her hand at Laura. Laura continued to make a show of herself. She looked repulsed by the slop. “It’s all over me. It absolutely stinks as well. My hair and body are going to stink of slop for days.” “You stink anyway, don’t worry,” Kelly joked. Laura frowned and pouted.


  1. Thanks for taking my request, and great job. You really maximized the humiliation. I loved it!

    1. Am glad you liked it. Was hoping that came across OK.