Sunday, 28 August 2016

Deborah Ann Woll damsel in this mess

****I ended up creating a new supervillain for this story. I hope people enjoy it. It made me think that I may create a female mess themed supervillain. Something like the Gunge Goddess. I really like the idea and may do some stuff with that. ****

Deborah Ann Woll damsel in this mess

Deborah Ann Woll was an actress known for her television roles such as True Blood and Daredevil. She was an up and coming actress in the world of Hollywood. She was starting to make a name for herself. More than anything, she was gorgeous. Ginger hair, pale skin, sexy legs, a gorgeous neck and a really nice figure. She was someone with a good sense of humour who didn’t mind getting her hands dirty when it came to acting. She was also being encouraged by her agent to do things in the media to get her name out there more in order to raise her profile. She was pretty much up for anything. She had a little bit of a wild side behind her innocent exterior. 

Most of the shows that she was in revolved around superheroes or vampires or other such characters. It left a lot of room for surreal circumstances and she had done some pretty outlandish and off the wall scenes in the past. In the latest episode of one of her shows, her character was put into a situation where she was kidnapped and held captive by a supervillain. He was known as Captain Slime. One thing that he was known for the most torturing his victims with slime and gunge. He didn’t really kill anyone. He would also gunge people in order to steal from them. For example, there were scenes earlier in the show where he dumped gunge on a very rich posh woman and then while she was aghast and distracted, stole her expensive diamond necklace. He would sometimes use gunge as a distraction for people while he committed his crimes. He was more of thief than anything when it came to the crimes that he actually committed. 

At this point, he kidnapped Deborah Ann’s character. He was using her to lure the superhero into his trap. She was wearing a red dress. She was laid onto a board that was standing up. Her wrists and ankles were strapped to the board. She was tied around her waist as well. She was suspended over a vat of slimy green gunge. She began to be a little mouthy, saying that the superhero would come to rescue her before long. Of course, that was just what the villain was wanting to happen. She kept being mouthy with him so he decided to give her a taste of what was in store for her.

“I am the master of slime you see. What do you think of this?,” he cackled. He then pressed a button at a control panel that he sat at. With that green gunge poured down onto her from above. She screamed as the gunge fell all over her. She shook her head as the gunge plopped over her head and down her body. It dripped all the way down her body. Her red hair now all gungy. Green gunge all over her pale white skin. “If you think that was bad, you just wait. There is a lot for messiness where that came from young lady.”

The show cut back and forth from the superhero making his way there, fighting off henchmen etc. and scenes where the villain gunged her more and more. As time went on, the board that she was on inched closer and closer to the sloppy gunge below her. The evil villain took an oversized fire hose, the type that clowns used in the circus and began spraying her with sloppy brown gunge. It sprayed out all over her. It looked slightly like the spray from the pig on the show Wild Things. She closed her eyes and mouth as he sprayed her all over. He cackled dramatically as he sprayed her in the gunge. Waves of brown gunge rolled down her sexy body. It was possible to see the gunge rolling over every muscle and curve in her sexy body. 

He did look a bit like a clown, but not decisively. In the next scene, he was spray her with an oversized, pretend fire extinguisher that was filled with white gunge. “Time to cool off,” he said,” You are looking like you are getting too hot over there.” She rolled her eyes as he aimed and sprayed her all over in thick, creamy, white gunge. She sighed.

Finally, the superhero fought off the last of the henchmen. Just before he entered the room, Captain Slime was mocking the young lady about how much better she looked now. “Everyone should be covered in slime,” he said,” It makes everyone look better. It is a part of my master plan.” At that moment, the superhero broke in. He told Captain Slime that this was the end of the line for him. Captain Slime told him that he was so pleased to see him. He told him that he would fail and soon he would receive the same fate as the young lady. He then pressed a button on the panel speeding up her dunking into the vat. 

This is when the inevitable confrontation happened where the two engaged in combat. Captain Slime kept trying to using fantastic devices to fling gunge at the hero. He was too fast for him though and kept dodging his attempts. At one point, he did hit him in the face, temporarily blinding him. The two continued the encounter. The two ended up fighting on a long thin platform across of the slime tanks. They were perched precariously over it. The two ducked and dodged. Captain Slime tried to run at him, but he managed to use a grappling hook to move away. Captain Slime flew over the side and fell into his own tank of gunge. He then said,” Curses, foiled by my own mess. This is not the end of me.” He disappeared beneath the surface. 

In the meantime, Deborah’s time was running out. At this moment, her clock reached zero and she was plunged down into the gunge. The whole board disappearing beneath the surface. The superhero used the grappling hook to swing down into the vat. He went beneath the surface and unhooked the girl’s wrists and ankles. He grabbed her and pulled her to the surface. He carried her slimy body out in his arms. She opened her eyes and they shared a passionate kiss. She was covered from head to toe in slimy gunge.

Of course, she was fine. Captain Slime was fine too. He was shown being taken away by the police and vowing that the world had not seen the last of him. It was a very fun episode. Deborah Ann and the slime were the main focal point and it looked very good on her indeed.


  1. Great story. Very fun and different. I'd never heard of Deborah before but she's very hot. A mess themed supervillainess would be neat!

    1. Thanks. I had never heard of her myself to be honest until someone made the request. She does look very attractive though. I do like the idea of the Gunge Goddess a lot, the more I think about it. I think I will create the character.