Thursday, 25 August 2016

Samantha Ponder ESPN Goo

Samantha Ponder ESPN Goo

Samantha Ponder was a sports broadcaster on ESPN. She mainly handled college football. She appeared regularly. She was sexy, but she always seemed to be shouting when she was speaking. It could be very annoying. No one was sure why she did that, but it was the style that she had adopted. She tried her best to be funny, but failed for the most part. She spent her entire working life around men, almost exclusively. They found her, for the most part, annoying and sexy at the same time. This was a perfect combination to make her a really good candidate for a good messing. She ended up doing many interviews with college players and coaches as well. One of the more powerful coaches in the country managed to speak to the producers at ESPN. He told them that his team would really like to see Sam get messed during the live broadcast at their stadium pregame. It was an unusual request, but everyone at the channel would have wanted to see it happen as well, so they agreed that they would make it happen. Sam would get covered in the team colours by some of the players. Of course, she had no idea that this was the case. 

The team’s colours were purple and orange. Samantha wore an army green top and brown sports coat with a brown skirt. She had on high heels and a necklace with a little pendant on it. She was sat on the set of the show. She was interviewing the team’s coach. Their cheerleaders and band were behind them. It was a very typical set up for the broadcast. She spoke to him about the normal topics of conversation. The game, the team, how confident they were that they would win. It was a whole lot of chatter with not that much substance to it. 

Samantha was told by the teleprompter and the producer in her earpiece to ask a question about funny traditions that the team had when it came to freshmen starting on the team. “Well, Samantha, we have a little friendly tradition that we have to welcome someone to our football family, so to speak. It is a sort of initiation that everyone goes through. It is just a bit of fun.” “Wow, that’s really interesting,” Samantha replied,” What would that be?” “Well, it funny that you should ask, because we were going to make you an honorary member of our football family. You have to receive the special treatment though. Is that ok?” “Um.. Yeah, ok, I guess that would be ok,” she replied.

At that moment, four of the football players in their uniforms, minus their helmets, came up from behind Samantha carrying two Gatorade coolers with them. “Samantha, you are officially an honorary member of our football family. You now will be decorated with our school colours.” Sam’s mouth fell open as the football players poured the Gatorade coolers over her head. They did not contain Gatorade, however, or ice water. Instead they contained gunge. One contained orange gunge. The other contained purple gunge.

The gunge poured down over Samantha. She shivered and stood up as it poured down upon her head and body. It rolled down her front and over her back. The gunge was thick and sloppy. It was a creamier cry sort of gunge rather than a slimy variety. Blotches of purple and orange gunge covered Samantha’s face and splotched her hair. Gunge dropped onto her skirt and poured down her long, slim, tanned legs. The cheerleaders and all of the team’s fans cheered. The team mascot did a funny dance and pointed at her, mocking her. 

Everything about Samantha looked golden and sun kissed. Now she was covered in sloppy gunge. The players delighted in getting to do this to the beautiful ESPN anchor. She shook her head and chuckled. “You should feel honoured,” the coach told her,” We don’t let just anyone into the family. You will be one of us for life now.” “Yes, I am completely honoured by this, right now,” she replied, semi-sarcastically. “I should get to do this to the players next year,” she joked. Gunge rolled its way down her legs and back. She ran her fingers through her messy hair and laughed. 

Later on she was seen cleaning the gunge from her body in one of the showers in the locker room. She had no change of clothes though, so had to make the choice to either stay in her filthy outfit or to wear a discarded cheerleading outfit. She did not know which choice would be more humiliating.

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